Entry: Sarah Palin responds on Fox Saturday, February 20, 2010

It appears this has been vote botted by people who either agree with McFarlane or EXTREMISTS who just disagree with Sarah Palin 100% of the time.


February 20, 2010   10:55 PM PST
Sorry, but I think she needs to lighten up and get a fucking sense of humour. Personally, I think it's disgusting the way she uses her Downs syndrome child to gain more attention for herself. Also, she says there's a difference between when Rahm Emmanuel said retard and when Jabba the Rush said it. Yeah, the difference is Rush is on her side. Let's not be a hypocrite, Sister Sarah.
February 21, 2010   05:28 PM PST
I do agree with the Rush comment. She was wrong for not condemning the both of them.

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