Entry: Happy One Day Before Obama's Inauguration Day Monday, January 19, 2009

Wait, it's Martin Luther King Day? With all the media attention on Barack Obama, I didn't figure it out (sarcasm).

Personally, I'm already sick and tired of Obama and the man isn't even in office yet! It's not Obama's fault, but it's the media's fault. They have done nothing but gush over him since he threw his hat into the race. The media hand-picked him to be the Democratic nominee from the moment he stepped into the race. Obama got nothing but positive press from the media (even with some of the skeletons in his closet) to the point where McCain (who got a lot more negative press than Obama, go figure!) never really stood a chance.

Now one week before the inauguration, the media is STILL gushing over him, drawing comparisons to FDR and JFK. This is just getting ridiculous! I can see the McCain/Hitler comparisons now if he actually did win the presidential race.

I wish Obama all the luck in the world while in office, but right now the man could slaughter 15 people and the media would still be gushing all over him.


January 23, 2009   05:38 AM PST
It's because he's young and handsome and has fresh ideas. He basically is like another JFK.

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