Monday, December 01, 2008
I messed up--Where is my bailout?

The banking system messed up royally with this idea of a credit market and is paying dearly for it...or rather we are paying for their mistakes and will probably pay more than one trillion (that's 1,000,000,000,000) dollars because of their major screw up. This screw up will also last for several years and could wind up completely destroying the credit market, as predicted by several people. Some of this money will no doubt wind up in the pockets of the banking executives and nowhere in the credit market, where it needs to go.

The US auto industry screwed up for DECADES and just wasn't competitive in the global market. Now they are feeling the hurt and are begging for a bailout. This bailout comes with several strings attached, including a complete revamping of the US auto industry, which will take several years and most likely will cost the taxpayers several hundred billion (that's at least 100,000,000,000) dollars, of which at least 60 million dollars will not even go to production. Instead, it will line the pockets of the executives, even with their limits on salaries imposed by the government.

I screwed up and am in debt. Where is my bailout? Oh, yeah that's right. I'm responsible for my own actions, much like these businesses should be responsible for their own actions. Yet somehow, these businesses that show a continuous cycle of failures and screw ups get everything they want. Let me repeat that--businesses that show a repeated cycle of failure get attention!

Remember Savings and Loans? Or how about the sudden influx of superior-made Japanese cars that threatened to shut down Detroit? Or even go all the way back to the Great Depression, when banks loaned out more than they had? Why are we continuing to cater to continuous failures?

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Saturday, November 29, 2008
Please remember as you're shopping...

Posted at 11/29/2008 5:54:31 pm by greatcow95
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Tuesday, November 25, 2008
Spotted at a Prop 8 Rally

This just drives home the real reason why people are making such a fuss over gay marriage:

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Sunday, November 09, 2008
What Barack Obama needs to do now.

Well, Barack Obama won the election. Let's first get over ourselves and realize we're stuck with him no matter who we voted for, just like with Bush. Unlike with Bush however, Obama seems like someone who can learn from mistakes, so that is a big plus. Let's take a look and see what Barack Obama should do while in office.

1. Unite people. He can do exactly what Bush said he was going to do and never did. To succeed, Obama should reach across the isle and present a united front.

2. Stop Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid. Within the first 90 days, expect them to try and push forward with their extremist agendas. It's up to Obama to put a stop to this kind of agenda making and start working on making the country a better place.

3. Stop spending. Government spending is out of control! You can cut taxes, cut spending, and have better services just by eliminating waste. A true conservative Bush was not, but Obama is making inroads with the conservative crowds, because he is wanting tax cuts. The other half needs to happen also, though, as we are so far in debt, we can't see past it!

Will Obama do these things? Who knows...only time will tell now.

Posted at 11/9/2008 2:25:31 pm by greatcow95
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Monday, November 03, 2008
Something interesting

Here are some interesting points to make about this year's election:

Barack Obama won the Democratic primary without getting a majority of the popular vote. Hilary Clinton should have won this based on the Democratic idea from Florida in 2000 about every vote needing counted. Unfortunately, the Democratic super delegates decided to hand this over to Obama.

There is still a big chance for John McCain to win the election, which will finally come to a close tomorrow. If it happens, we could very well have another situation like in the year 2000, when Bush became the president without winning the popular vote. In fact, news organizations are betting this will happen if McCain wins.

It seems like no matter who wins, the people's votes will be the big losers in one way or another.

Posted at 11/3/2008 1:30:23 pm by greatcow95
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Saturday, September 27, 2008
We do chicken wrong!

As many of you know, I refuse to eat at KFC anymore because of the cruel way they treat the chickens sent to them for slaughter. While I do eat meat, I feel what happens to the chickens is cruel.

Make your own KFC sign at

Posted at 9/27/2008 9:15:13 pm by greatcow95
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Saturday, July 26, 2008
Answer from a gubernatorial candidate

I got a reply from Mr. Russ Weeks, the Republican nominee for governor, and it seems like he is a one man show.

I just got back in late last night and am leaving again early in the morning. I am sorry I do not have a staff to answer all your questions, I have to do all this myself. So if you could send me your phone number, I can discuss these issues with you while driving to Greenbrier county in the morning and then Wheeling tomorrow afternoon. If you don't get this and respond before I leave, please call me at (bleep).
It is very difficult to run a statewide campaign with no staff to handle issues you can't take care of in the timeframe requested.
I am looking forward to discussing these issues with you.
Russ Weeks

I plan on talking to him at some point today about these issues.

Posted at 7/26/2008 9:58:06 am by greatcow95
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Thursday, July 24, 2008
Letter to WV governor candidates

Yes, I was too lazy to spell out gubernatorial. This is a letter I've sent out to both candidates for governor in West Virginia. Hopefully, there will be some answers to these questions. Here is the complete letter:

I am writing this document in a possibly futile attempt to reach both candidates for the governorship of West Virginia. There are many issues in this election that need to be addressed by both parties, by their respective leaders, and by the candidates themselves.

I have created this list of major concerns for both candidates in the hope that you read this list and respond to it in a timely manner. Each concern is a major concern and it needs to be dealt with as soon as our next governor (whether elected or re-elected) takes office.

1. West Virginia ranks in the bottom ten states for fourth grade reading, fourth grade math, and eighth grade reading. While we are not at the bottom ten in math for eighth grade, given the other information, it is only logical to assume we are near the bottom ten for eighth grade math. As governor, how will you address this?

2. West Virginia’s teachers are 48th in terms of teacher salaries. This results in very few teachers wanting to come to this state and results in reading and math scores going further downhill due to not having good teachers. As governor, how will you bring in the best and the brightest of our teaching force to work in West Virginia.

3. This state ranks 44th among the fifty states in terms of the well being of our youth. What will you do to address this, and in addition to this, what kinds of behaviors will you model for the children, as modeling correct behavior can lead to healthier behavior among our youth?

4. Business Week is on record as saying we are in the process of the “third major economic transformation of the last 120 years” in the United States. They are also on record as saying we are dead last in terms of adapting to this new economy. As governor, you are responsible for leading this state into this new economy. How will you do this?

5. On a related note, this state is very dependent on its natural resources, particularly coal. What will you do to help diversify the state’s business portfolio?

6. West Virginia has been ranked last for its legal climate. Businesses are scared to move to this state. While changes in the law are nice, this makes no difference if our courts refuse to apply the law correctly and reasonably. As governor, what is your plan to reign in the courts and solve this major problem?

7. We have the second highest poverty rate among single women at 19.2%. The poverty rate among all West Virginians is at 18% and children living in poverty is a shocking 25.6%. With about two of about every ten people in poverty and one out of four children living in poverty, what will you do as governor to help?

8. Only 17% of the people who live in this state have college degrees, and this puts West Virginia at the bottom of the list. As governor, how will you encourage people to seek out higher education?

9. You are running for the leader of the entire state, not just Charleston. Many have an intense dislike for Charleston, because it seems like they tend to get everything that “has to do with the state.” How will you, as governor, benefit the entire state of West Virginia, instead of just Charleston?

10. With gas prices increasing exponentially, the need for public transportation is desperately needed, especially in rural areas. How will you deal with the issue of West Virginians slipping further into poverty because they cannot afford the gasoline to get to work?

11. Working families are hardest hit when it comes to buying food, because of the food tax. What is your plan to eliminate this costly burden on West Virginia families?

12. All of these points and most likely others contribute to a very bad stereotype of the people who live in this state. My final question is to ask you what will you do, as governor, to combat this stereotype and even take actions to reverse them.

Posted at 7/24/2008 2:14:34 pm by greatcow95
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Sunday, July 20, 2008

The sheer amount of food Wal-Mart wastes every single day is just DISGUSTING.

Posted at 7/20/2008 5:17:43 pm by greatcow95
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One million dollars

Yes, for all the Dr. Evil references in the world, we have a case where Wal Mart was absolutely negligent in their store.  It caused many injuries, including one that requires her to wear a permanent titanium cage.

With justice finally served in one case, let's have an advertisement:

Posted at 7/20/2008 5:04:15 pm by greatcow95
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